My Cloud Mirro Gen2 Rescue Firmware update

My cloud mirror gen2 runs ‘bricked’. the rescue firmware damage.
Want to update to Rescue Firmware to restore OS.
would you please nanddump the rescue fw block and send to me .

  • nanddump /dev/mtd4 -f /shares/Public/rescue_fw_20_mtd4.bin

Good luck with that request!

Read the posts on unbricking these devices by Fox.exe on this forum.

Thanks you very much. I search fox exe and download the rescue firmware file. I will try if it works for me .

I success save the rescue firmware. the verison is 1.01.
dd if=WDMC-Mirror-Gen2_mtdblock4.bin of=/dev/mtdblock4
will report fail on my device
I use this command to write the nand flash
rescue_fw -w -f /home/root/WDMC-Mirror-Gen2_mtdblock4.b

root@WDMyCloudMirror ~ # rescue_fw -c
Rescue FW version:
Rescue fw checksum(fw):a787077b
Verify Rescue FW Succeded