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I see there is a new my cloud home out. Will we see any of these features on our gen 1 my cloud, like the new mobile app??

This is primarily a user to user support forum. Very few WD employees post here. All we can do is make a guess.

We may see the mobile apps get updated but chances are next to none that the current single bay My Cloud units will see any feature increases that may be present in the My Cloud Home version.

My Cloud Home Online User Guide:

Past history has shown that as new units are rolled out past units do not benefit, through firmware upgrades, with those new features. The second gen My Cloud firmware’s “Apps” menu is an example of this.

Edit to add: My wild guess would be that the My Cloud Home could be a replacement for the single bay My Cloud and My Cloud Mirror units based on the features I’m seeing in the link above. Or if it is only being sold exclusively through Best Buy (per the link) then its a specialized product line for one retailer.

There is also a subforum forum for this new device:

My Cloud Home Online User Guide:

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