My Cloud App

Can I use ‘My Cloud’ or ‘My Cloud Home’ app with ‘Wd Cloud’ and ‘Wd Cloud Home’ devices?

Thank you in advance,

@Itais What app are you talking about? Have you checked the Knowledge Base for an answer?

The old Desktop App for the 1st generation My Cloud no longer works.

For a My Cloud Home you should place this topic in that sub-forum. For a WD My Cloud 1st or 2nd generation, single bay, try the sub-forum for those devices. All sub-forums are located under WD Community.

Hi cat0W,

I was talking about the Android app that syncs photos to My Cloud ,
I have 1st & 2nd Gen all Single bays + 1 EX2 Ultra

@Itais Have you looked at the User Manuals for each device?

My Cloud Home

WD My Cloud