My Cloud Home WD Discovery log in help

I have a 4Tb My Cloud Home. I have 3 PC’s. Laptop upgraded to Win 11, Desktop running Windows 10 and a new Desktop PC Running Windows 11. I can see the My Cloud Home in Network via Windows Explorer from all PC’s. I can access the My Cloud Home via Windows Explorer from all PC’s (only the Public Folder). I can access all other folders using WD Discovery on all PC’s except the new desktop. I have tried everything I know but still no good. WD Support says it is a PC issue. I am running Norton 360 and settings are the same on all. I am running on a Private Network via ethernet to the My Cloud and wifi to the PC’s. Anyone offer some help? The My Cloud has the latest firmware. It is obviously a PC issue. Thank you.

Not much to go on, but try this where someone suggested a manual reinstall that worked:

Same problem here. I posted earlier. I can see it on Explorer but all I get on the Discovery is the little roundel on permanent