My Cloud Home Transfer Speed

Hello everyone,
Recently I’ve bought a 4TB WD My Cloud Home. I just connected it to home router, quickly found out that transfer speed between my phone and the cloud home is low. tested it via computer and still problem was exist! transfer rate is around 8mbps. after that I searched through web and tried to find a solution. some said that I must use a router which has a gigabit port. today Ive bought a xac1200 router which its all ports are gigabit. I just connected the cloud home to router using gigabit port but issue presist and upload and download rates are the same around 7-8mbps. transfering big files takes a light year! it just took 2 hours to send 80gb to the cloud…
is it usual that over wifi cloud home transfer rate is 8mbps?
Could any one help to fix this issue?

I appreciate your support.

@Miladnick What band are you on, 2.4 or 5 Ghz? How far away from the router are you?

using this
I switched to 5ghz band and now transfer rate is between 20-30mbps. my distance with wifi and cloud itself is less than 1meter.

In general for small files, the my cloud home speed is extremely low… welcome to WD!!!

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Do you mean that the transfer rate I’ve mentioned above is the usual my cloud speed ?
I hope you were kidding otherwise I’ll be so frustrated :persevere::persevere:

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Connect computer by Ethernet cable to router rather than WiFi make any difference??

I just test it now, unblieveable! its around 12mbps…

@Miladnick Are you talking Megabits Mbps or Megabytes MBps ?

Im talking about megabits I believe, what windows normally shows globally.
Thanks for table, was good information anyway.