Sudden drop in transfer speed

Hi Folks,

I have recently noticed a significant drop in transfer speed from my Windows 10 PC to my WD MY Cloud Home - I’m lucky if I get transfer speeds of about 10-15 MB/s now, where it was averagine about 30 before. I’m tearing my hair out trying to figure out how to get things back to how they’ve been for the last couple of years!

None of the hardware has changed. My PC and My Cloud Home are both on wired connections to a gigabit switch, which is then connected to my Virgin Media router.
I recently reset Windows 10 for an unrelated issue - but this made no difference.
I am transferring video files - usually around 2-5GB in size, but size of the file don’t seem to affect the transfer speed. Even smaller files are taking far longer than they used to.
I have checked that the network card is set to 1.0Gb full duplex.
I’ve rebooted all the hardware.

ANY suggestions would be great, as it’s taking more than twice the time to move my files!

What size storage is your My Cloud Home and how much room is left on it?


It’s a 4tb drive and I have 2.87tb of storage left.

Also happening to me, been hoping a fix is coming soon. There was a previous thread on here that discusses the issue: 18.5MB transfer speeds on gigabit LAN.