My Cloud Home Suddenly stopped working !

The device stopped working suddenly and I expected the problem from the adapter, but the adapter is working, the light does not work and even the sounds of the fans of the device does not work completely, lost my data? The warranty is not over.

Hi null,

I would suggest you to change the power adapter of the device and try to plug the power adapter directly on a different wall socket also check the drive for any physical damage on the ports.

Refer the link provided below for more information to troubleshoot this issue.

I developed the same problem. It was only 2 weeks old. It was an RMA replacement for my first My cloud home that didnt show files uploaded to it and had to be relaced after running the tests. This has died completely. Changing the adpater, the socket ,the cable and reset all didnt work.
I have lost all the files I put on it
This is my 3rd WD device that failed within three months taking my work with them each time
You have to ship them back on your own dime for replacement so its a high price to pay for poor quality control

We have three of the My Cloud Home in different locations. It helps to keep them cool and that starts with a slightly elevated open space beneath the unit(s) and a fan drawing heat up and away (see picture).