My cloud home - plex

i have put movies in the folder movies of plex.

but i have a lot of music video concerts which will be visible in the folder movies. I prefer to have them in a separate folder named: music video concert. Doing so they are not visible and i can not watch them since plex is saying: the folder is empty.

Is there a solution for it??

Hi ronaldbob,

You can have a look at this KBA:

@James.G rather than linking to an article that will explain that what @ronaldbob wants to do is not possible, could you give us an update on when you will allow us to map out own plex folders or even allow us to use the public share so that automated downloads can be moved on OSes that aren’t windows!!!

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thanks James. In the meantime it is working for me. Only thing is that I cannot have a separate folder for my music video concert. Have put them in a folder named music video concert in the map shared video