Plex - sub folder - My Home Cloud

Hi. I have read somewere that My Cloud Home NAS solution do not support sub-folders in Plex. I think that sounds crazy as we only are talking about how you link you database with Plex media server. I dont get it. Any comment in this forum? Thx.

@ReneWeien What do you mean by “Support Sub Folders in Plex”?
The “Shared Movies” is a subfolder to the Plex parent folder.

Here’s my directory structure.
Z:\Plex\Shared Movies\2018 Movies
Z:\Plex\Shared Movies\2017 Movies
Z:\Plex\Shared Movies\2016 Movies

ok. I can make subfolder in folder “Shared Movies”
Can I create library in Plex with this folder?
I see category Movies, and I can create library “2018 Movies”, but I can’t select folder for this Library.
How can I do this?