My Cloud Home Offline April 22 2020

Hello All,

Yesterday morning my My Cloud Home was working find. Then all of a sudden the My Cloud Home icon disappeared from my desktop and in finder (Macbook Pro with touch ID).

  • I signed in all of my devices and they all said offline.
  • I tried WD Discovery and couldn’t sign in because “Login was unavailable”. I uninstalled and reinstalled discovery twice and finally managed to sign into my discovery this afternoon (24hrs later)
  • Discovery, all my devices, and my cloud webpage are still showing My Cloud Home offline.
  • My Cloud Home is showing a slow blinking white light.
  • My Cloud Home is still backing up my time machine.
  • I am in China and I do have issues at times but nothing like this!

How can I get My Cloud Home back online? Is anyone else have this issue?

Thanking you all for any help :slight_smile:

The servers are down. If you check my cloud status. I know it don’t help but it seems like it’s a known issue👎

Come on WD sort it

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I did look at the my cloud status and this is what it said.

  • Intermittent access issue
    21 Apr 2020 INCIDENT
    Customers in China may experience intermittent access issues.
    All WD Services are up and running…

I wish they would just say the servers are down. It seems I can never get at a solid answer from WD when ever there is an issue.
Thank you :pray:

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Exactly they have caused me to lose over a TB of data! Because of their stupid POS my cloud
Home system…

@WD_Admin @WD_MCH can we have a response please?

Update on my original issue.

  • WD Discovery now working
  • My Cloud Home is showing online on all devices and webpage.

However, My desktop icon and sync download file have disappeared and are still not showing on my Macbook Pro

Status webpage is showing:

  • Intermittent access issue
    21 Apr 2020 INCIDENT
    Customers in China may experience intermittent access issues.
    All WD Services are up and running…

  • I am in China and I do have issues at times but nothing like this!

  • I have still not heard one thing from @WD_Admin @WD_MCH or anyone at WD

If anyone knows how to get My Cloud Home completely working by helping me to get my desktop icon and sync file working that would be great.

stesso problema ma italia, hai risolto?

The problem still hasn’t been resolved

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Potrebbe essere il nuovo firmware aggiornato in automatico? Appena acceso ieri ha funzionato 2 minuti e poi è passato in off line, non lo accendevo da mesi… forse ha fatto l’aggiornamento da solo …


since friday my Cloud home is offline…
I was using it and suddenly turned off.

My internet connection is perfect. I’ve tried to plug the device several times.
But the led only blinks. Looks like it want to start and fails. Restart and fails… again and again.

I’ve read that the servers might be DOWN… Any idea about when the problem will be solved ?


Hi All,

I have been having murders with my My cloud Home. It will work for a period of time, but my issue is not just the device appearing offline and I can’t access my files, but when I try to do a soft reset and take out all the wires and just leave it over night and then plug them all back in, in the morning (after numerous times of doing this might I add) when the MY cloud device eventually allows me to access my files and it appears online, It takes absolutely ages to open up any file/folder. up to 1 minute, which is very unusual, considering I have super fast broadband. This has happened too many times and its frustrating. I have an old my cloud device and to be honest that is so much better, never had a problem with connecting.

Can anyone shed some light on this on going issue?

Update on my offline issues:

My Cloud Home seems to have fixed itself in the most bazaar way.
My fusebox blow out the other day. Because of that I has to restart a number of my devices including my Macbook Pro. After the restart, all of a sudden WDiscovery started to install all updates that needed to be done. When the update was completed My Cloud Home desktop icon and sync file reappeared and started work.
If it frustrating, because I had done a number of restarts to my Macbook Pro, My Cloud Home, and my router and none of these actions fixed the problem.
Now I am keeping a close eye on My Cloud Home to see what else might happen next.

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quindi tu suggerisci di riavviare le macchine ?

Not sure what you are saying/asking.

Hi there.
I have same issue, have you found how to fix this problem?

My Mac will not connect to WD server saying error with server. fixed this morning and then when I rebooted this afternoon same message. The WD server seems to be the problem

Same probleem heer. Not possible to connect. Slow blinking. And sometimes rebooting. Vera annoying

Hi There,

Like I said, I fixed itself in a bazaar way.

I’m having this problem too and I am in California. I just bought this cloud server about 2 weeks ago.

Just keeping this topic and issue alive. Has anyone else been able to solve the issue?

My device is constantly rebooting and showing a slow blinking LED. I’ve tried the reset options (holding it down 4 sec or 40 sec when power is off) but it didn’t work - it just does the quick flashes for hours with nothing happening.

I see the servers are shown to be working… what is happening?

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