My cloud home lan upload slow. like bytes/s slow!

Ok some one please help. while I know a great deal with computers and networking this is now confusing the heck out of me. trying to upload files to the my cloud home 2TB that I just got and while the speed starts off ok up to 20mb/s it has now droped to a wopping 257 bytes/s ive checked for any ongoing processes and such. sync is disabled on it as well. the kdd process is using around 4mb/s every couple minutes for a few seconds. hopefully someone here has a solution as everything I know screams it should be uploading at full speed as network is at 0% 90% of the time. I have also done all the needed updates for the drive and the app before hand as well. does this every time. at this rate it will take over a year to upload just 40GB worth of files…


You could refer to the following link: