Transfer speed is painfully Slow

Hi everyone,

So I bought around a month ago MyCloud Home Duo. Apart from the great look of this box, the transfer speeds are absolutely ridiculous. Am trying to transfer around 7GB of pictures which would take 8 HOURS according to MacOS Sierra.
This is just unacceptable for such an expansive device, which is supposedly able to take advantage of gigabit transfer speeds and I cannot see why I am getting this kind of speed. I live in a big city where my internet connection is good ( 120mbits / 20mbits ).

Everything is connected via gigabit ethernet. To a gigabit ethernet router as well.

Any help would be really appreciated.


Exactly. I am also facing such slow speed transfer even though I am in 50mbps connection.
Moreover many bugs in software.


More over this stupid Android application of this WD, not allowing myself (owner) to download the files.

Same issue here. It claims 11 days to transfer 2Tb. In addition this cable-connected device stops my Wifi NEST thermostat working, so the heating goes off.

I have a Mybook Live and a MyCloud Home NAS drives sitting beside each other, plugged into the router. The Live gets 30MB/s transfer while the Cloud Home maxes out at 1.2MB/sec transferring from the same computer on the same router. The Router is a Linksys Model:EA8300.
I tried switching the LAN cables between the two devices, leaving them plugged into the router with no change in speed.
The MyBook Live is older and I have replaced the drive in it due to failure of the disk. The SLOW CLOUD Device is a few months old and has never performed well.

Is this product defective or just really bad design?