My Cloud Home is offline since the outage almost three weeks ago

I tried everything and cannot access my files locally or outside. It shows my device is offline. I have done everything and it’s not working. This is frustrating. I am trying to backup all my files and get rid of WD forever. Never use WD again!!!

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My device shows offline as well.
Can anyone please tell me what to do?
How can I access my files?

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what does support say?

I was able to access my files after connecting an ethernet cable directly from my MyCloud unit to my laptop. I’m still not able to access wirelessly but have a call with one of their support staff tomorrow to try to resolve the issue.

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My UltraEX is showing offline only through a web browser, but i can connect thru app & internet explorer (on PC)…wow

Is that a My Cloud or My Cloud Home (MCH), two completely different firmware. It is most difficult to get connection that way on the MCH because of the lack of a static IP setting on the MCH and prior to FW 8.12 with its ‘local access’, it was not possible to access most of the user files from a SMB share.


How to configure My Cloud Home with a static IP address?

My Cloud Home cannot be configured with a static IP address.

It’s a MyCloud. Call from Tech Support today tried to pin the blame on an ineffective router. I think this is all just a ploy to blackmail us into purchasing an upgraded unit!

Probably not, since WD no longer makes a router and WD most likely won’t have any upgrade to the consumer cloud hardware given how poorly the MCH has done.

The fact that a My Cloud (not MCH) could get a static IP and connect to the laptop directly with a ethernet cable shows that the fault probably lies outside the My Cloud.

I will write a short thread on how to solve some My Cloud Home ‘slow’ and ‘fast’ breathing white LED problem separately.

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Unfortunately for ‘new boxes’ please see link below. New boxes required usually two firmware updates before they can connect properly, usually that takes 7 days because the MCH generally do not take back to back immediate firmware updates.


  • This method will only work for Device Owners that have already setup their My Cloud Home or SanDisk ibi. Full setup or service recovery will be needed to enable local network access for devices that have been newly purchased of system erased to factory settings.

One way to diagnose and connect the MCH without direct ethernet connection to router: