My Cloud Home HDD is constantly writing/reading data

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just a question to understand whats going on with my My Cloud Home 8TB device.

Currently it’s connected to the LAN and has about 3 TB synced data. Once the initial sync process was finished I expected that the write/read activity would stop and only occur when I access data from my PC or cell. But even when all PC, cell that are linked to the My Cloud Home are shut down or disconnected from network/internet the My Cloud Home device is still constantly working on its internal HDD.

Is this normal? Is this just building up indexes or optimising file structure? It’s now doing this for almost two weeks now… curious.

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The KB listed below will help shed some light on your experience

I’m also experiencing the same problem for a long time. And since my cloud home is installed in my living room, It’s getting unbearable cause it makes noise all day long. If I wake up during the night, the same noise is still there.
It´s absolutely annoying and frustrating.
Besides that, it created a lot of bugs for each time some synchronisation has been interrupted. By now i just use it for a dead archive and to back up phones memory.
But my will is to really get rid of it as soon as possible!

Same problem started with me Yesterday, but I am unable to access the drive at all. It is always saying offline (in web and mobile interfaces as I am on MacOS Catalina which is not supported yet by WD software!), and keeps indexing (the consistent grrrrrr noise?!).

I bought it less than a week and this started. I requested a return and waiting for the response!

Hello, has there been any follow up on this? I experience the same problem, and suspect it was the cloud backup (crowdstorage) that has been doing this, but apparently there might be other reasons. I had to relocate my device too because of the noise and I had to put an active vent on it to cool it down. This is not the behaviour I am exptecting from a NAS…

I have had the same problem and it is driving me nuts. It also worries me a great deal because I am not sure what is going on, if it’s harmfull to the drive, and whether or not MY DATA is being copied to WD without my consent, which would be totally unacceptable ! I notice here that this issue has been mentioned here for years and no-one seems to have any idea what is going on, how to fix it and more importantly WD don’t seem to be interested. NOT HAPPY !


Thanks for the update and quick reply. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread. Looking for the same issue

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I also bought a Mycloud home 8TB for Christmas. The device works perfectly. But the noises are really crass. The device behaves day and night as if it is running under 100% load. I have not copied any new data to the NAS for 2 weeks now. This can not be good for the longevity of the hard drives, if the day and night has activity, although there is nothing to do. Or is my data secretly uploaded somewhere???


Hi microtoxic
Did you ever got to solve your problem. What solution did you come up with?
I’m experiencing exactly same problem. Just bought it this week and the constant sound is unbearable.


I have the same problem. 4TB of data. Constantly accesses the disk. After turning off via the web and turning on, disk accesses became much less.