WD Home Duo 4TB - Drives never stop spinning reading/writing

Dear community,

I’m running MacOS 10.15.3, Webpage reports running software version 7.4.0-116

I recently purchased a MyCloud Home Duo 4TB drive, running in RAID1. I copied about 700GB of data to it, and mounted the drive using the WDDiscovery on two devices. Since copying the data, the disks won’t stop spinning - reading/writing, I have no idea what they’re doing as nothing seems capable of capturing I/O activity to/from the device. At first I figured it may have been disk mirroring, but considering this has been going on for 3 days, nonstop, that doesn’t seem likely.

I assumed it might be Spotlight indexing the drive, and tried to turn off indexing both through the GUI and CLI with no luck.

Other than wiping the device and throwing it in the trash and buying an actual NAS (which I mistakenly thought I was, when I purchased this), is there any way to get this to stop? There’s no reasonable reason it should be as active as it is.

Please advise.

Thank you,


As a clarification - regarding turning off indexing, by no luck, I mean I received an errors that did not allow me to stop indexing.