My Cloud Home cannot be found anywhere on network

Hi, my My Cloud Home was working perfectly as a time machine server for my mac until it was unplugged (by accident) and plugged back in yesterday. I cannot find it anywhere on local network or the WD explorer apps for OS, the white light is dim and it periodically restarts with no change to status.

I’m running OS Big Sur and the router it is attached to is working correctly for every other device connected.

I have tried reinstalling the WD apps and I have performed numerous restarts of the router and the My Cloud.

Does anyone have any ideas?




Please refer to the following KBA article:

I had the same issue.

If you check out this post you will find the solution to resolving that problem.

WD My Cloud Home - My Cloud Home - Personal Cloud Storage / My Cloud Home - WD Community

BTW try logging out and back in on WD Discovery, and it should repick it up.