My Cloud EX2 Ultra keeping two mirrored over two locations

I want to get two of the My Cloud EX2 Ultra drives and then have one at my parents and then one at my home office, then once I add files to mine for them to backup to the drive at my parents. I wanted to know if this is possible and if so how to set up. I would also just be leaving both of them connected to the internet without a computer plugged in most of the time.
On another note is limiting the bandwidth to them possible so they don’t hog all the wifi when others are trying to use it, say not allowing more than 50mbs in the evenings?

In advance thanks for the help!

Yes, this is supported and part of an internal backup. You can setup a backup to run via “My Cloud” connections, similar to what you asked. It’s called “Remote Backup” but instead of using “NAS Server”, simply chose “My Cloud” as backup target. Then you can select the other EX2 as destination. More on page 52 of the EX2 Ultra User Manual