Can you remotely mirror a WD ex 2 to a My Cloud?


I’m trying to set up an offsite backup.  I know the EX 2 has the ability to do that.  However, I don’t really want to buy two Ex 2s to mirror each other in two different locations.  I don’t need the raid and extra processing power in the backup drive, as I would only use it in the event there was a disaster with the ex2 and my local backup.

So to make this more cost effective, would it be possible for me to purchase a My Cloud of the same size and set it up for remote mirroring of the EX2?

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Hi there, unfortunately the feature for remote backup only works from EX2 to EX2, EX4 and if I recall correctly the Mirror, not to the regular My Cloud, at least not without extra software.

did you ever find a way?  wonder if the in 3os will allow this?   I want to do the same thing,  EX2 12T Mirrored to 6T drives  wanted to buy a single MyCloud 6TB and keep it offsite and backup to it…