Syncing Mycloud to EX2 Across Networks?

I recently purchased a WD Mycloud for auto syncing my photos from my andorid. Well this week I purchased a WD Ex2 for all my media needs (movies,picture backups).

What I want to do is move my WD Mycloud to another location for secure backup. It will be connected to the Internet of course. But what I’m wondering is if I will be able to sync the backup from Mycloud to my Ex2 since they will not be on the same network? Also how will moving the Mycloud to another location affect my accessablity?

Thanks for your help!

Hello LandmarkIT, at the moment it is not supported to do remote backups from a My Cloud, this is only possible from the EX2/EX4 or Mirror. Moving the My Cloud to another location should not give you any problems for remote accessibility as long as it has Internet access.