EX2 Ultra back up to another My Cloud

I have asked this before But still cant do it !!!
I have an EX2 Ultra and another single My Cloud on my network.
How do I set up a regular back up from the Ultra to the Mycloud?
When I go into Ultra Backup setting it says for Remote Backups
Check the remote server settings is turned on in the remote My Cloud Settings?
Well I cant find this setting in the Single My cloud

Can someone do a step by step for me


Was it local backup or remote backup.

Was the storage of ex2 and mycloud same or you are trying one part of disk to back to mycloud

Its a Local Back up to another My Cloud on my Network
I just want the full EX2 Ultra backed up on a weekly basis to the MyCloud

Also when it backs up I just want it to back up the changes not a FULL back up

any help ?

I dont think you can do incremental. only way is remote mycloud which will consume internet bandwidth.

There is way for NAS server But it seems you are missing some settings.

Did you tried remote NAS or mycloud

On mu EX2 Ultra
I go to Backups
select Remote backups,
select create job,
Select My Cloud
Log into MyCloud
Then there is noting to select? its blank

I’m pretty sure you need TWO EX2MyCloud devices in order to back up one to another.
I don’t think you can set up the base model to do that. It is why I bought two EX2 models.

Don’t think you need 2 EX2 devices. It has the ability to backup to a NAS why not just a mycloud?

Because the Remote Backup feature only works EX2 Ultra to at the very least a MyCloud mirror.

This is why I bought 2 EX2 units.
You might be able to use Acronis or some other backup software to accomplish the task or use an external USB passport but
I am pretty sure you will not be able to a “Remote” back up to a simple MyCloud device.

So do you use the same mycloud account for both the system. As it makes sense. if you have different account it could be possibly not visible.

yes same mycloud account
to clarify the EX2 Ultra does not find the other mycloud on my system

Setup the ex2 ultra as remote server. And do the backup from mycloud to ex2 ultra