EX2 Ultra to MyCloud

I have a new EX2 Ultra and want to set up regular backups to a My Cloud (V2) on my network (kept in my garage) yet I cant see how to do this.
Any detailed Step by step instructions please

You mean to say its a normal Mycloud HDD with network drive.

Provide the product complete details.

Ofcourse remote backup is possible. But what is storage of Ex2 ultra and old mycloud.

Not sure if selective backup possible which was suppose to. But share more details on your product and the Network setup.

As working across lan switches and router is tough setup without proper port forwarding nothing will work the way it was supposed to be.

I have a EX2 Ultra and a MyCloud V2 both hard wired on my home network.
I want to set up a weekly backup from my EX2 Ultra to the MyCloud

On a previous system I was able to set up a backup and the destination device was searched for on my system , I can see how to do that on the EX2 Ultra dashboard?

About Remote Backups
Backup your My Cloud system to another server on or outside of your network.
Before you proceed with a remote backup, ensure the following:

You have a remote My Cloud system to backup this system to. Existing shares and data from this system will be copied to the target system in addition to previously existing data.
The remote Server setting is turned ON in the remote My Cloud system.
The backup password for the remote My Cloud system is enabled.
You have added port forwarding rules for both SSH and Remote Backup services in Settings > Network > Port Forwarding in order to see your My Cloud system over the internet.

Backups----------> remote back to mycloud or nas server

I am a bit confused

On my Old Mycloud it had safepoints and backing up a safe point to another mycloud on my network was easy it searched for available devices and then you just selected it

This Backup tag now needs you to manually enter everything and to be honest I don’t understand it

Can some one run through what I am to do
to recap I have a New EX2 Ultra on my network which I want to do a back up to a My Cloud which is also on my network
Simple steps please

First you go to back section

Remote backup----------> default NAS. Select Mycloud which will prompt for connection.

It does not give me that option ?

If you want to backup to mycloud device it is possible, For that you need to logon to mycloud via remote backup option,

DirtyMacho means to say Backup>>Remote Backup>>Create Job

NAS Server is the default Remote Server, in the Create Job screen.