Backup from one EX2Ultra to another EX2Ultra

I have been using the My Cloud EX2 Ultra 8Tb (with internal backup between 4Tb drives) for storage of photos and other files. It is physically connected to my home network. I just purchased a 2nd My Cloud EX2 Ultra 8Tb identical to the 1st one. I would like to use the 2nd drive purely as a backup to the 1st drive and store it offsite at a relative’s home in case of fire, tornado, break-in, etc. The only information stored on the 2nd drive would be information that is on the 1st drive. I am looking for recommendations on the best practice to accomplish this. I see how to back up computers to the drive, but I am missing how to back up between separate external drives.

Is it possible to have the 2nd drive back up the first drive while it is offsite and connected to the internet at the other site on their network? Good idea or bad idea?

Is the best option to physically place both drives on my network when making the backup?

What settings do I actually need to set to get the 1st one to back up to the 2nd one?

Note that this question is NOT for using the mirroring function internal between the two 4TB drives in the device.

Thanks much for any help.

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You can back up the first device remotely while the second My Cloud EX2 Ultra is off-site. Take a look at this article:

The article doesn’t seem to address my issue. I want to back up one My Cloud EX2 Ultra to another My Cloud EX2 Ultra and it looks like this article addresses backing up other devices (such as computers) to the remote My Cloud EX2 Ultra.

I am not finding the Backups function (or other functions) shown on the menu shown in step 1 of “Initiating a Backup” as shown in the article. I have gone to the drive in Windows Explorer, as well as the My Cloud web access to try and find the Backup command.

It may be that I am just missing seeing the information correctly.

I have the exact same question… but only have a WD my Cloud EX2.

I have an EX2 in the office of a client. It serves as a backup for 5 computers in the office and has a share section where all users can access shared files.
In my home office I have another EX2 for that client that serves as a complete backup for all that is on the office EX2 in case of flood fire or theft. Every night at 1am the office unit talks to the unit in my home office updating any files it needs to.
Are you still having trouble setting this up?

Hi David,

That’s exactly what I wish to achieve - is KB Article 11807 the definitive description of how to do this or do you have any other guidance to offer from your own experience? I have a major concern over the IP addressing as one of my two locations only has a dynamic not fixed IP address - see my post from last night titled “Remote Backup - Destination My Cloud using dynamic IP”. Also, when a daily remote backup job is configured in SYNC (as opposed to COPY) mode, are only changed files copied from source to destination each night or are all the source files copied every time?

Any additional pointers, tips, etc. would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance, SteveB (UK)

That is the article I used to set up my back up. AT&T threw a curve recently when they upgraded my modem which changed my IP address.
I had to delete the backup job and recreate it after poking holes in the router firewall etc.
I have both units set up for remote dashboard access so I can log in via any computer or even my phone to make long distance changes.
Now, one of the modem/routers is able to be set up with a static IP, the other is dynamic however they rarely change unless, like me, they change out the modem/router. What you should make sure to do is 1, put the Mycloud device in the Modem/router directly and not in a switch. It will work in a switch but it is better with a direct connect, 2 make sure the MyCloud has a static IP address within the network. That part is easy.
I have mine set to COPY. It only changes files that have been updated each night not every single file. I have never messed with SYNC but I’m pretty sure SYNC works back and forth vs COPY which only goes one way. If you need to make changes to a file on the backup and want it sent to the primary NAS I believe SYNC is what you would use. I only want a safety backup of the Office NAS on my backup device and it isn’t used for anything else BUT that. It’s easy enough to log into the Office NAS and change files, I don’t need it SYNCing.

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