My Cloud EX2 Specified server cannot perform the requested operation

I cannot map a network drive to My Cloud EX2 from a new Windows 10 Pro box (version 1803). I can map from several other Windows 10 Home and Pro boxes.

When I use Map Network Drive I get the error “the specified server cannot perform this requested operations.” When I type the IP directly into File Explorer I get a little more info: “Error code: 0x80004005 unspecified error.” When I use “net use y: \\public” I get “system error 58 occurred.”

Last datum, if I add a userid/password defined on My Cloud EX2 to either Map Network Drive or net use, it connects. I only have to add the userid on this one computer. All others are happy to do it anonymously.

What am I doing wrong?

OK, let’s add a tidbit more info. The account I’m using is an Office 365 domain account (AzureAD\my account). When I create a new local account on the box, it connects to My Cloud just fine without a userid. When I add my Microsoft account, it also connects to My Cloud just fine. Is there something wacky about a domain account on a workgroup Windows 10 PC connecting to the workgroup My Cloud?

Note there is a dedicated subforum for the EX2 series of devices. This subforum (My Cloud) is generally for discussing a different device, the single bay/single drive My Cloud.

Because you indicated you were using a new Windows 10 computer you should ensure SMB 1.0 is enabled. Microsoft disabled SMB 1.0 a while back in an update to Windows 10. The following WD Knowledgebase article has more information.

I have had a very similar problem, with my MyBookDuoLive, which was a NAS only drive. It failed (disappeared during a copying process) and threw up the same error code (0x80004005), and gave the same blarney about it not being able to access the drive. I couldn’t find a solution anywhere on the WD forum (or the net for that matter), but did solve the problem. I did this:

My WD My Book Duo Live stopped being accessible within Windows 10 via Windows Explorer - but was still visible under the “Network” items, and when double-clicking the MBDL icon, it would still open a portal to the IP address in the web browser - so it was still there, but not fully accessible. The error code occurred, whilst copying data to the MBDL.

The solution was to do this (which I found elsewhere on the net):

Solution For Case 3: Registry Key Error

To simplify it, a registry key can be thought of like a folder within Windows. An error in the Registry Key will cause this error and most likely affect many programs.

To fix, start by opening the Run dialog box. This can be done by pressing the Windows key and R simultaneous.

Run is listed, and click it to open the box. Once you open it, type Regedit in the dialog box and click OK. This allows you to open the Registry Editor.

Now that you are in the Registry Editor, type in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\ CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers

During this step, you are checking if the registry key is already present. If it is, then delete it and test to see if the error is still present. Deletion of the registry key should get the error fixed in most cases. If that registry key isn’t present, then this is not the issue.

I deleted the “Layers” registry key folder, which had four items in it. Deleting this registry key and then rebooting the computer, enabled me to type in \MBDL (full MyBook name), it would then re-appear, and I could then re-map the folder I wanted and assign it a drive letter etc and start accessing the data that was already on it, and copy new data to it. It didn’t let me do this previously.

Hope this helps someone!