My Cloud Ex2 is Too Slow

Hello, i just installed my WD my cloud ex2 ultra. I’m using it to backup files from my windows hosts on it.
To backup i’m using veeam agent for windows free edition but i’m very disappointed.
We have 6 machines on network and i scheduled all of them to start between 12-13 pm, but its really slow, some times when i need to access the device to get some file its simply stop working.
I already updated the firmware but its keep slow.
I don’t know what to do. I’ using a 2 TB WD brand new hard disk
I made some tests copying files on windows explorer from my c:\ to \MyDevice\ and the bit rate is no more than 4mb/s
When i do the same copy between windows shares its 10mb/s, my switches are 100mbt/s

Can someone help me?
Thank you


I am a noob on NAS in general, and I had 2 NAS before my EX2 Ultra and was never impressed with their speed over traditional hard drives such as USB3 or even Thunderbolt like I use.

I guess NAS is, by default, way too slow in general. What you are experience might be exactly what you can expect in a NAS drive.

I might be wrong… but this is what experience tells me.

Ow man, i’m too sad reading your experience. I’m going to do more tests here…
The Hard Disk inside is specifc for NAS, i really could not understand. I think the speed might be the same as copying between two computers using common shares

Today i’v beem working and testing my NAS all day long, and a realize that if change the original name it gets slow. For some reason it happed, and i rename again to “mycloudex2” and it got fast.
Try do the same test and tell me if it worked.