My Cloud Duo 8tb faulty - can I recover files?

So after a week of talking to Western digital support and supplying them with the logs I’m told

"Thank you for contacting Western Digital Technical Support.

This is regarding your issue with My Cloud Home drive. With help of the logs you shared we we are seeing HDD errors being reported.

We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you but unfortunately the drive is out of warranty now.
However, in this case we can help you with the data recovery process link to contact the third-party data recovery company. Since Western Digital does not provide Data Recovery Services, you can go through the link for further process"

This is sad response considering this hard drive was only bought in June 2019, the support was incredibly weak and they haven’t told me the exact fault and I have ask numerous times.

Now I’m hoping I can recover my data, does anyone have any idea how I can do this? I have run this in the mode where it’s 1 whole 8tb drive

Thanks for the help