My Cloud Home 4TB has corrupted most of my files!

I recently posted about an error when trying to transfer files from my cloud down to my laptop. I still haven’t been able to resolve that error.

I’ve had a look through some of the folders on my cloud drive to check the integrity of some of the other files - out of curiosity. I have near 1TB of photos saved on my drive and after inspection I can see that around 70-80% of them (at a rough guess) have been corrupted. When I download a copy the file is now unreadable.

This drive has went from operating perfectly to a complete piece of junk in the space of 4 days. The large video files I am not too bothered about losing as these can be replaced but I am absolutely gutted to have lost roughly 70-80% of my digital photos from the past 5 years.

I have recently bought an 8TB drive as an upgrade for my 4TB. The 8TB will be getting returned and I will look at other options. I do not want to load precious data onto the new 8TB drive only to have it corrupted out of the blue in 6 months time.

Safe to say I won’t be investing in another WD product in the future.

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