MyCLOUD Duo Data Recovery (Desperaty need help)


I need your help. I work at a small company. We use WD My Cloud Home Duo external for storage. The box just died on us. I removed the disks and one of them had a bad sector. I cloned the disk. connected the to a pc and ran UFS explorer. I saw the file structure but can not see my data. There is a folder which is called files but when I get into it. There are millions of sub folders. I know my data is there but I do not know how to read it.We are a very small business and we can not afford data recovery expenses. I was wondering if there is any kind of software that I can read my data. Please help us.

The bad sector was in the middle of the 1st disk.

The box is bad. not working. It’s not the adapter. Both disks are OK and working condition.!!

Looks like you’ll need to contact one of their data recovery vendors.

My Cloud Home Data Recovery