My Cloud Download(using the app outside) so slow

My Mycloud Download is slow

This sounds like your connection on the LTE network is slow. I’d contact your carrier and see what the maximum speeds you should be getting are. What does show you?

LTE on AT&T is faster than some folks home bandwidth speed and slower than other folks. My iPhone usually tests around 30Mbps d/l on LTE and did so tonight when using speedtest.

I have premium Xfinity speed package, and my iPhone got near its max of 80Mbps (via 5G) on speedtest just now. Wife’s newer iPhone gets around 125Mbps at home. So, as you can see LTE is slower. (BTW, my WIRED computer get the fastest speed on speedtest of 240bps (which is a little higher than I pay for).

So this really leads me to question the OP’s claim of 500Mbps which is very out of the ordinary, and I ask who is the ISP?, are these speeds wired or wireless speed, and what did he use to measure the speed? Too many people really do not know what speed they buy from ISP and misinterpret their actual speed.

Gotta take this stuff at face value - nonetheless if he posts his speedtests we should have a general idea of what speeds he’s getting and that should help us narrow down if the issue is with the difference in connection speed.

My internet speed is fast enough

It might be out of the ordinary in the UK or US, but it’s not uncommon at all in other countries with more advanced internet infrastructure… gigabit to the home is quite common in places like Singapore.

Thanks for checking. Yep, these are fantastic speeds and much better than most in US. Even your LTE is amazingly fast. I would suppose your wired computer would be faster than the home wi-fi, too and would match or exceed the 500Mbps you mentioned, being that you get 436 on wireless at home.

I did know that other countries had faster speeds than US. However, how can a country like US be so much slower? How do we expect to ever win any wars anymore; even one with North Korea? One could expect even them to have faster speeds than US! Utterly ridiculous!

Thanks for filling in the details, and as you found out, your LTE IS slower than your home wi-fi!

There are a number of reasons why one cannot compare US speed to foreign country. Its not an apples to apples comparison to compare another country’s broadband speed to the US speed. For example, often those other countries government heavily subsidize the build out for broadband or outright own the single broadband provider. Population density is another factor.

One of the marvels of a free market economy…

In many cases, public services, either directly funded by government, or encouraged/subsidised by government can do a much better job than the free market.

Singapore has had a very technologically-supportive government for at least 30 years.

Yea guys, I know, I was just expressing outrage.

Today I received a subscriber email for Consumer Reports about the FCC once again making a final decision about net neutrality soon.

Here is the link where you can put in your two-cents:

Funny that people were screaming about enacting the current “net neutrality” legislation and now more than a few of those same people are screaming (because Trump) that it will be repealed or rolled back.

Dirty little secret, which I’m sure we all are aware of, is what was passed previously in the US isn’t true/real “net neutrality”. And what ever they decide to do won’t be true/real “net neutrality” either. There is simply way too much money and power at stake for the government and corporations to give the consumer true “net neutrality”.

Yep, most likely will be the outcome. I am getting tired of the current party in power wanting to reverse recent decisions. Is this anyway to run a government?

Like it or not it is normal for the incoming administration of a different political party to try and reverse some of the rules/laws enacted by the outgoing administration. Obama did it to Bush and Trump did it to Obama. Sometimes its a good idea to roll back or remove rules/laws enacted by the previous administration, sometimes not. Often comes down to which side of the political ideological fence one is on.

Fact is that what Obama’s FCC enacted wasn’t true or real “net neutrality” and probably shouldn’t have been enacted in the first place. And what Trump’s FCC will enact or roll back or restructure most likely won’t be true or real “net neutrality” either. It is, at least it seems, rare for governments (and corporations) to give up or give back power (and money) to the people/customers once they snatch it (or forcibly take it) away from them.

Hey guys - let’s keep this on-topic or I will be forced to close the thread.

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Sure. Anything we say here anymore is not going to help straighten out our dysfunctional government anyway!