Wd my cloud slow downloadof file

Hi, ive been using an iphone 4 phone to access my wd my cloud device using the wd my cloud app. It has been working fine using 3G or external or internal wifi with no speed issues with uploads and downloads i.e. Viewing photos. I recently upgraded my iphone 4 to an iphone 5s device. Accessing the wd my cloud device using the app is fine on my home wifi with excellent upload and download speeds as you would expect. However when im on an external wifi or on 3G, the download of files is extremely slow and basically the loading spinner in the app gets stuck. I have to repeatedly retry to download the image from my wd my cloud, it takes several attempts to load an image within the app. Have tried to reinstall the app, restart the wd my cloud. Networking is fine, port forwarding is fine. Never had any issues until i changed my handset to the iphone 5s which is on iOS8.2. I also have 40mb down and 20mb upstream at home where my wd my cloud is located. Im wondering if it could be an iOS 8 issue?

I have iOS 8.2 on my iPhone 4S and all of my family iPads…   I’ve not seen any speed issues… :frowning: