My Cloud does not show in the browser when i go wdmycloud

I bought my Cloud 3 months back an connected to my router with the ethernet cable provided, I also connected my router to my laptop through similar cable. So far so good. I transfered my data to My cloud. Now i removed the cable connecting my laptop to the router, and tried to connect to My cloud through wifi, but WD doesnot connect now when i go to brower and type wdmycloud. Please note that My Cloud is still connect to the router with cable and blue light is on.

My laptop is connected to the same router.

Can someone please help.

Thanks in advance.


Did you set everything up in the Dashboard? Is your laptop and My Cloud in the same workgroup? Are you using Windows or what?

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Do you know the IP address of the icloud? , try typing that instead into explorer , does it show up under network?

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I am windows 10.

My laptop is on same network i have only one wifi. I am not fimiliar with workgrooup. can you guide what that is.

can you guide what i have to for dashboard.


Yes, i saw the ip and typed the same as was guided in one of the threads… but no luck. I can see the cloud only when i connect my laptop with cable to same router…

See image below for naming workgroup under the Settings tab in the Dashboard. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.
Be sure to read all information , and the Help information.