My Cloud device front panel white light is flashing

The light on My Cloud device started flashing after I was forced to reconfigure my PC. When I first powered up my WD Cloud device after rebuilding my Windows 10 computer the light was solid (on my WD Cloud) for a few seconds then it began flashing white. The online WD Knowledge Base (referencing LED status) reports a white flashing light is when the device is in discovery mode. Furthermore, when I attempt to open My Cloud with my original password and user name they are accepted but the dashboard never appears. The page is locked on a revolving circular arrow. I’m wondering if there a way to reset the network identification? I receive the message “can’t find this page” the address is:

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A white flashing light means the file system was determined at boot to be possibly corrupt and it’s attempting to repair it.

It can take quite a long time. Not sure what KB is referring to “Discovery mode…”

@Kentown Did you look at the User Manual for a 1st generation My Cloud, Firmware 04.xx.xx? See LEDs, Chapter Two, Page Seven.

You said, “I receive the message “can’t find this page” the address is:”.
See Appendix A in the User Manual, see if that helps.

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