My Cloud Backup

Hi, is it possible to backup My Cloud to MyBook and what would be the correct or proper hook up ??

Should I connect the MY Cloud with a USB 3 cable to the MyBook USB 3 port or keep my MyBook connected directly to my PC ???
for backing up only selected files, I would prefer using WD Smartware unless there is a better way ??

It depends on how you want to access the MyBook when you aren’t using it to backup your files.

If you are using software on your PC to backup your specific files and you only want your PC to have access to the MyBook files, there isn’t much point putting it directly on to your MyClouds USB port , it just means you will have to access the drive through the network.

If however you want to be able to access the MyBook through your network (it’ll be shown up as a share through your MyCloud) then attaching it to your MyCloud would give you this option.

Using the MyBooks built in backup option to intially backup the whole unit will put the files in sub-folders several layers deep which may not be ideal for you based on what you’ve described.

I bought a program called secondcopy a long time back , so I use that to only backup changed/moved files once a day to my MyCloud , there are freeware variants out there that do the same, but if you’re happy with Smartware I’d stick with that.

Have you read the My Cloud User Manual ( Or reviewed the My Cloud Dashboard Help? Both deal how to backup the My Cloud to a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud USB port using the Dashboard Safepoint or Dashboard Backup feature.