WD MyCloud and WD MyBook

I have a WD MyCloud set up and working thanks to the help received from here.

I also have a WD MyBook model WD25001032-000.I would like to use this as a backup connected to the MyCloud.

Are there any adjustments I need to make,software to download etc ?

Any help or suggestions


This would depend. Is the USB drive a target backup from an additional computer, or as a target to backup the WD My Cloud itself? The unit can be configured within the Dashboard, and the Safepoint feature (In the dashboard as well) will work with the USB drive.


I have connected the WD MyBook to the WD MyCloud via usb and plugged it into the mains.

I then tried to set it up as a backup and the MiCloud didn’t recognise it on the network.

As I’m not computer literate I haven’t made any alteations to the MyBook in the past.