Back Up My Cloud

I want to back up My Cloud and have a couple of questions:

  1. Will I use SafePoints in Dashboard or do I use WD Smartware to back up My Cloud?

  2. Regardless of what approach in 1, above, is the backup/safepoint compressed?

3. I need to backup My Cloud 4TB and I plan to due via USB on back of My Cloud or thru network.  I purchased a My Book 4TB assuming that there is no compression and I plan to attach to USB on back of My Cloud.  Can I simply just plug the My Book into the My Cloud USB or do I need to connect the My Book to the the network or computer to set up first?

Thanks in advance for any answers…John

Hi if the my book is just a USB drive you should be able to connect to the MyCloud and use safepoint to back up the MyCloud if it is a network device you will need to set it up on the network before it shows in the MyCloud be advised that the full safepoint backup takes quite a while to complete but subsequent updates are much quicker
The data is not compressed and can be accessed or restored as normal files in the event that there is a problem restoring from the safepoint via the dashboard