Hot to back wd cloud to usb device

Hi guys,

I cannot understand how to back my wd cloud up

i cannot follow the step on the website and i dont find where to go to pres on back up

can someone pls explain if I have to download a program to do it or how can i do it??

thanks heaps

The simplest way to backup the WD My Cloud is to use the Safepoint option from the WD My Cloud Dashboard.

See the following link for how to access the Dashboard with your web browser: How to access the Dashboard on a My Cloud

See the following link for general directions on creating a Safepoint: How to create a Safepoint backup of a My Cloud on another device

If you haven’t already done so it is strongly recommended that you read the WD My Cloud User Manual. In particular see Chapter 11 Managing Safepoints for detailed information on Safepoints and how to create them.

thanks all fixed