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Sorry, what computer are you talking about? I used to have a 3TB MBL (undil it got bricked and I dismantled; considering rebuilding it though) and it was accessible to every other network device with no pc connected, just like my new 4TB My Cloud does.

Anyway, my gripe with My Cloud now is the video files seem to be ‘converted’ to MPEG, rendering them unplayable on my Bravia and Sony BluRay player. They play ok on my PS3 though (except the MKV’s, of course). I never used to have this issue with MBL. Is there any setting to circumvent this?

Continuing the discussion from MyCloud vs MyBook:

Why? It’s a three year old thread…

MyCloud doesn’t transcode files; not even the Twonky server does that. Something else is causing your video problem, I think.

The single bay My Cloud units use Twonky for DLNA access. The Twonky media server does not transcode media. Make sure the media is in a format supported by the single bay My Cloud units.

One can check the Twonky administration page (http://wdmycloud:9000) to see what media renderer is being used by Twonky. One can change the renderer if Twonky chose the wrong one for your client devices (the Bravia/BluRay player).

@ndlelex What Sony Blue Ray Player do you have? I have a Sony Blue Ray Player (BDP-6700) and Bravia TV.

I have a Sony BDP-S790 BluRay player and a Bravia KDL40EX520 TV. Yeah, I know: primitive by today’s standard, but both worked flawlessly with My Book.

3 year old thread or not, it makes not a single difference in its relevance :slight_smile:

A few days ago, out of nowhere, I was able to see my media as is and play it, like it used to be with My Book. That was until I had to switch my router off and back on, then I was back to square 1. I am using most of the media I had in MyBook. I have done a factory reset on both the TV and BluRay. I have noticed that the Twonky server is still being used. Meanwhile, my neighbour’s Samsung TV is able to stream from My Cloud (I allowed access to my network) with no issues.

Any suggestions on where I should look? Please, don’t say that I need to replace both my TV and BD; my doctor told me to watch me blood pressure :frowning:

I will have one more look at this. The think is that I still had both the said devices back when I had My Book, and I never had this issue, with no problems, whatsoever. I even had a couple of 21gb MKV movies in there that streamed seamlessly to my Blu Ray (my Bravia doesn’t play MKV’s).

It did happen that my media got displayed and played well on both those devices using my new My Cloud a few days ago. I don’t know what had happened, but all was well until I had to cycle power to my router 2 days ago, then I was back to having all my files displayed as MPEG’s. Between the time when I last had a working My Book and now, there ain’t been any firmware updates for my players, so I can discount any changes in them.

Are you sure that your factory resets didn’t revert to the original firmware?

I’m struggling to understand why rebooting your router would affect the ability to view video files.

If your MyCloud is connected directly to the router, then a router reboot is likely to have caused a MyCloud reboot (the MyCloud seems to to a reboot if its ethernet connection disappears, and then re-appears; putting a switch in the way means the MyCloud is unaffected by router reboots).

If the MyCloud rebooted, any settings you had made via the Twonky interface (port 9000) would have been lost (good integration, eh…?). You can prevent this with some use of the /CacheVolume/user-start file on the MyCloud; see the Twonky FAQ for details. If you have a Gen1/v4 firmware device…

So it might be worth having another look at the Twonky UI, to make sure that your TV and Blu-Ray are being detected as the correct type of media receiver.

It’s also worth making sure that your TV and Blu-Ray are still connecting to the server in the same way they were before the router reboot; it may be possible for them to connect either by DLNA, or by a file server protocol (e.g. SMB).

Bizarrely, these devices often have entirely different media playback facilities for different media sources (check out the user manuals to see what file formats are supported via DLNA, and what are supported via USB; they are frequently not the same…). This smacks of entirely different media clients for DLNA and USB or file server access. Not a great example of design; just bolting source-based media players together, rather than integrating the sources, and then using a common media player…

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It has been long; but I replaced my blueray player, and never had this issue since. It appears that something was off with my previous bluRay player. Thanks a mil for the insight into possible causes :slight_smile: