My Cloud 4TB issue after auto updated to 04.05.00-315

I’m facing a serious issue with my cloud 4TB , it has updated the firmware itself to the version
04.05.00-315 after the update , the unit is getting more hot and the dashboard appear randomly on the browser . sometime it will keep initialising itself for more that 4 hours , after the initialization the dashboard will appear but will not respond to nay click .

I’m working on my company project since six months and everything are stored in this drive , the project should be delivered on 7 October and I am in trouble as all the project implementation are stored in my cloud , I though it was the secure area to keep such critical data , but i was wrong , now there are possibility for me to loss my job if I don’t recover the project. Cant someone help me ?.
I don’t it’s a good idea to have the auto update for such kind of drive and WD should have tested the firmware properly before posting . the temperature of the unit raised badly and I can feel like burning smell . The network port is still flashing and respond to a Ping without packet loss

I am sure their are a lot of us using this version of firmware without any problems. My, My Cloud is also a 4TB. Here is a link where you can get more information about the My Cloud and you should read the User Manual.

Where do you have your My Cloud and is it installed as recommended in the User Manual?

First of all , This drive was working without problem for more than a year ad the position has never changed , not only that the room is so cold. The problem just happened after the update ,
The drive started disappearing from the network , and when I tried to access it through the web browser , the dash board appeared with wrong usage statistic , and also one message box appeared in from of the dashboard showing initializing , and this can take up to 4 hours , after the initialisation , the LED will return to solid blue and dashboard will not respond to any click , and the drive will not be accessible through windows explorer (Network drive) , randomly in some days the drive will be available and accessible for one minutes and will disappear or get stuck. I noticed that this condition the drive become very hot (Through the air vent and has like burning smell) after checking in the google , I reset the drive for 40S but no change . The drive should not update himself without notification , before I used to receive a notification from the drive by mail , but now no mail .
what I just need is you to tell me how to get it back in working condition as I have a critical project stored in it.

Right now the 2TB network drive black color , which i purchased firstly is still working properly without any issue and both are stored in the same place.

Till today , is is more than a year I reported an issue with my 4TB cloud drive and no support at all , no one to tell me what to do . All my data are locked inside the drive and I can access , I’m really do not expect That from Western Digit , loss of data + lost of investment due to manufacturing fault

Kindlynlet me know what to do and where to address my complain

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