Happy with WD

I got my cloud 2tb 3 months ago. It took me about ½ hour to set it up and router so all worked. It lost connection about every other day when not at home but always worked on desk top computer wired to router. About 4 weeks ago it has worked perfect no drop connection or any problems. I up graded to new firmware 4 with no problems works great. I use it to back up my 2 computers once a week. And am very happy with it.

Dear compguygo

I am absolutely delighted that you have experienced no problem with your 2tb MyCloud, even after the upgrade V4 firmware. I too was happy with my 2tb MyBookLive and 3tb MyCloud but I was stupid enough to leave the settings on the MyCloud to autoupdate the firmware and that is where my woes started. Not realising the firmware had been updated my first inkling that something was amiss was when my backup software reported that it had timed out. It took an hour to access the MyCloud user interface. I tried powering down and the 4 second reset, to no avail. I then phone support who took me through various steps, including the 40 second reset and now my MyCloud has vanished from the network, I am unable to access or see it. Support said they would contact me again in about 7 days. A community MOD, ERmorel intervened and escallated my fault. I don’t know what that means as no one has contacted me, perhaps it’s because it’s a weekend and even WD staff get time off for good behaviour.

I went out and bought another MyCloud, a 4tb, as I needed a backup solution until my drive is fixed, and there were no stock of Diskstations locally.

Needless to say, I have disabled auto updating, I can’t take the risk of this one going faulty and perhaps being without backups for a week or more.

I am pleased to report that my new 4tb MyCloud is working brilliantly on stock firmware v03.04.01-219, the transfer speeds are brilliant and access to the files and user interface is stunning, both on the LAN and remotely using my iPhone

So once again, congratulations on your success, it is nice to hear of a positive experience for us that have doubts about the reliabilty of firmware being released.