My Cloud 4TB has very slow network performance (transfer is ok)

I have a WD My Cloud 4TB for a few days now and I am thinking about returning the thing due to bad network performance.

It is not about the transfer speeds, those are fine. 80MB/s and up. It is about network access and discovery. When I access the device locally, wired, I have to wait 5-10 seconds until it opens a folder. At first I thought it went to sleep but even when I am working with it for hours it has to think 5-10 seconds before opening a share or folder. Other folders/shares in my network are opening lightning fast (other computers).

Network is wired (CAT 6)
All Gigabit hardware (Cisco)
Various Windows types across the network but all W7
All computers and WD in the same workgroup
I tried both fixed IP and DHCP
DLNA/Itunes turned off
Latest firmware (2.xx)

At this moment I am performing a full system restore but after that I am all out of ideas.

Can anyone advise?

What firmware is this?

The latest firmware sets SMB3 protocol as the default. I suspect your lag might be related to using SMB2 protocol.

now this is posted in the gen 1 forum but could also apply

I cannot see the firmware now as the WD is resetting itself but I know it is the latest according to the dashboard (2.3?)

SMB was set to 3. That I know for sure.

in which case look into gen 2 speed fixes i know that with recent upgrades and a lot of files currently on the drive it would take time for the drive to be reindex by the file scanner. which can slow units down. there are things that can be done via SSH to increase the speed but i am a gen 1 so a bit out of the loop

I have read almost every topic but most of them are about the transfer rates. the transfer rates are fine.

Did you read the first one lordimage posted, about responsiveness?

Yes, I’ve seen it but I cant change anything at this moment.

How can I set my router to master browser?

Your router has to support that feature/option. Check your router’s user guide or do an internet search for your router model to find out if it supports configuring the router to be the master browser.

The Fritzbox 7390 does not have that option :-(. Unfortunately thats the only non Cisco in the network.

What does this function actually do?

Also, I can set the WD to be master. is that an alternative?

The WD has reset itself now. The firmware is 2.30.165.

What can I do next? Master Browser is no option in my router, should I enable it in the WD and disable the sleep function?