My Cloud 2 TB cant instal Acronis True Image WD


Few months back i buy My Cloud 2 TB, now i want to instal some backup software, but when i try to instal Acronis True Image WD Ediotion it say that im not using any WD drive.
But when i but My Cloud i see in the download page this software and i think that should work witch my WD.
So question is, how to instal Acronis now?

When i try to send question to WD i got a error :expressionless: “Error number: 26624459”

Thanks for any help.

Chances are the WD Edition of Acronis True Image is keyed to specific WD devices, the My Cloud does not normally come with Acronis. Instead the free backup software included with the My Cloud is Smartware. The Smartware backup program can be downloaded from the WD Support website (

If you buy the full Acronis True Image program it WILL backup to the My Cloud. I use an older version of the full Acronis True Image program to backup one PC to the My Cloud without issue.