Acronis BU Software with MyCloud EX2

Okay, I’m a newbie - so be gentle with me. I’m running a PC with 8 gigs of ram with a Win7 operating system. A few months ago, I added WD MyCloud EX2 to my lan. My PC sees the EX2 and shows it as my z: drive. (See attached file called: Acronis_c.)

About a week ago, I noticed that WD had Acronis bu software on its Support page. (See attached file called: Acronis_a).

From what I could tell, it appeared as if it would work for me to backup my PC to the EX2. I downloaded it, read over the User Guide that came with it, and installed it on my PC. I then tried to do a backup. I got the message shown as attached file “Acronis_b”.

I’m stumped. Isn’t this Acronis software supposed to be used to backup our computers to the EX2? I appreciate any guidance provided.

My EX2 is running firmware 2.10.310.

Jerry B.

You are looking in the general downloads section for all drives (including internal and DAS products).

Go to:

and click on the “downloads” tab for downloads specific to the EX2.

I personally recommend the instructions in this KB for backing up to the drive:

If you are looking to back up the EX2 to a remote device, see: