My Book World Edition Power?

Hi all,
apologies if this is posted in the wrong group/place. I have a legacy My Book World Edition II ( which I upgraded the disks to 3TB a few years ago and run them mirrored. Has been working great, without issues and I have a couple of decades of photographs, music, videos and other assorted files including backups. I also have a licence for the Twonky serverto stream the music to my Hifi.

This week the unit just stopped working, As in no power, no lights nothing. Is or was this a common issue ? I can’t tell if its the AC adapter or the power in the WDC unit and wondering if anyone has any ideas on this.

If the unit is truly dead whats the best way to get the data from the disks ? I assume they were formatted for Linux but looking for any suggestions on getting the data back. I’m thinking mounting them into my Windows Desktop and accessing via Windows 10 or VirtualBox with a Linux distro. Would appreciate any sensible thoughts.



You should contact to WD support and ask for help they will assist better in this matter.