My book live 3tb

:dizzy_face:hi guys got problem with my book live cant be seen on my network.tried all wd software that tech guy told me still nothing. cant even access blue light when switch drive on then it turns solid green.still nothing got all my stuff on it so is that it lost.thanks


Have you tried resetting the drive and/or power cycling it?

hi yes tried to reset it still nothing showing up.what is power cycling it?.thanks jamie

Cycling power means switching off then back on.
(may be better to wait a few seconds before switching it back on)

hi again ok thanks tried that still matter what i try to do nothing detects thinks its bricked.ill need to find out if its coverd by warrenty.5years of my data family photos all gone and ive not got backups.reily angry about this drive is only 14 months old .thanks for your help.

mbl my solution smashed it up with my hammer wast of £170 support is a joke.never bye wd stuff again.thanks guys great service.