WD My Book Pro 500GBP - No power - help please

Good day all, Can anyone help please, I have an older WD My Book Pro Edition 500GB as in the link below and it has simply stopped working. I was using an aftermarket power adaptor, which has worked fine - but out of nowhere I am getting no power in the drive. I have tried the adaptor in a laptop and it works, so I have ruled that out and have also tried different connetcion cables, but still nothing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I have all my photos, and vinyl rips on the drive and do not want to loose either (5 years work on the vinyl) http://support.wdc.com/product/install.asp?groupid=103&lang=en/

Kind Regards Mark

If the power adapter wasn’t the correct voltage it may have fried something on the circuit board. A lot of drives have been messed by accidentally using the laptop voltage adapter by mistake.