My book studio edition II and Mac G5


I have a mac g5 dual 2.5 ghz with a my book studio edition II 2 tb external. Since I’ve got the drive a week ago I’ve had to replace my power supply and today I woke up with a kernel panic (fans running full blast w/black screen). Now my drive keeps shutting off by itself. The icon just disappears, WD drive manager stops  and the drive powers off. I’m not turning it off or ejecting it. I can get it on for a few min by pressing the power button on the back then it just turns off again. Time machine has been backing up every hour up until today, and now it’s only backing up when I manually turn the drive on. Drive manager says temp is ok and drive is healthy. Anyone know what’s causing this? Thanks!

Thought I should mention that when it is on only the bottom half of the light is illuminated and steady. Don’t know if that means something or not. 

The bottom half of the lights are on steady means the used space is about 1-25%.

I am not sure what caused the drive to turn itself off and the icon is not showing up.

Since you are using the Time Machine as your back up software.

I would suggest you to uninstall the WD manager and its software to prevent conflict.