My Book Studio II Problem

Yesterday my drive (My Book Studio II 4TB) started playing up, powering off every now and then.
I kept plugging it back in, it would work fine for a short time then power down again.

It got to the point, where at about 11pm last night it just wouldn’t go back on at all.

I have sat for an hour this morning trying to get it to power up and find a possible cause for this.

I have found the problem, and was wondering if anyone can offer any advice…

It appears that the DC connection is loose inside the actual casing, I can only get the drive to fire up if I push the power lead slightly to the left or slightly down.
Not being a hands on electrical person, would it just be a case of taking out the 2 drives then getting the board out and soldering it?
The drive is pretty useless until this gets fixed, as I’ll be **bleep** if I’m gonna sit with my finger on the power input whilst I sit and work! 

Or, if the drive is still under guarentee/warranty would I be able to get a replacement case?

Even if I could just buy a replacement casing unit from Western Digital…  As I don’t really like the idea of wrestling the board out and trying to solder it with my clumsy fat fingers  

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