MyBook Studio II for Mac shuts down by itself

My WD MyBook Studio II sometimes shuts down by itself, randomly, and I have to power it back up manually with the power button on the back.  It’s very frustrating, as I keep it on all the time for backup and editing purposes, and when it shuts off by itself, my automatic backups are interrupted.  I am worried that it may be failing on me, it never did this before, and my WD Extreme Lighted Combo Drive doesn’t give me any of these issues.  Is anyone else experiencing these problems?  I have Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard, all updates are current, and I recently downloaded drivers for the WD, so everything is up to date.

Hi there!!

What if you check the power adapter or run a full test on the Studio II to check if it is indeed failing? Since it never did this before… It may be going bad…

Weird, googled with the same symptoms and found your post. Mine started doing the same thing. Only had it for a month or so. imac running snow leopard. 2TB model connected via Firewire 800 configured as raid 1 mirror.  Has done it twice so far. Like you have to power back up.  Not good for a drive that cost a few pennies.