My Book Studio Edition II 3TB Failed

I purchased a My Book Studio Edition II 3TB from Amazon about a week ago, formatted it for Windows Vista, and everything was running perfect. I copied about 120GB of data on to it, mostly music, and was extremely happy with my drive. This morning I went to go open a folder and there were no files inside. Tried another folder, no files inside. EVERY FOLDER WAS EMPTY. It listed a bunch of a files that were not in folders, I clicked one and it simply wouldn’t play. I unplugged the drive, plugged it back in and was getting a USB error. Tried plugging into my MAC, got nothing. I removed the power supply, and plugged it back into my PC, and I see the DRIVE MANAGER tray icon blinking red, and it says “RAID0-BAD”

What’s my move?

This is the biggest drive I have ever bought from WD. I own four other WD drive and have never had a problem. What is the deal with this bigger drives? Are they just more prone to failure? And if they are, less than a week seems like too short a life span even for a die hard WD buyer…


the real question I have is what is the probability that if I have WD replace the drive, that it will fail again?