Failed drive - before I make the next move


One of my customers gave me one of his WD Elements drives to look at the other day. It’s one of those 1tb duo one’s that’s by default setup in a 500gb raid 1. I’ve tested all manner of things (from faqs and info here and wd site etc) to get it to read in his pc and other pc’s using both the usb and firewire connections, but to no avail.

He doesn’t really care about the unit itself as he has others, but does want the data. Being that it’s raid 1, I’m hoping I can just pull the unit apart, and attach the drive to a pc as an internal or via e-sata and he’ll have access to it. I don’t want to just jump in and do it though, in case there’s some kind of special tech inside these things that I don’t know about. I’ve only ever dealt with single drive externals from WD before.

So yeah, if someone would be kind enough to let me know if it would be that easy, I would be very greatful, as I’m sure would be customer :wink:

It’s well out of warranty, so no worries there. Customers words were literally “I don’t care what you need to do, just as long as I can get my data back!”

Thanks in advance!

Hi, I guess you mean WD my book studio? Since there is no RAID version of the elements. As long as you connect the hard drives back to the same location it should be OK.

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mm yes sorry that’s the one. Model # WD10000C033-001

Thanks for that.