My book randomly stopped working

So I was a very loyal WD customer until this evening.  I had a 3 TB My Book since the beginning of September.  Was trying to copy some data to the drive (it’s setup as my secondary external backup) and I started receiving I/O errors.  I figured i needed to do some other work and I would work on the drive a little bit afterwards.  Unfortunately due to my wanting to wait I completely lost all my data on my drive.  Although I am pretty sure I can find the data on my internal drives, I am just completely shocked that a drive that is less than 3 months just stopped working.  I have already setup a RMA but do you think the techs at WD would be nice enough to attempt to copy the data from my faulty drive to the other?  Any help would be nice.

Vent over


Not at all

make sure to recover data before RMA

you can get more information when you contact WD support

Since I’ve never actually had to RMA an external enclosure drive, am I allowed to open the enclosure and attempt to recovery my data?

You are not.

Please talk to WD support to see what you can do